Where to Buy the cheapest Ipad Air

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Where to Buy the cheapest Ipad Air

maxresdefault 300x168 Where to Buy the cheapest Ipad AirAlthough there are thousands of sites that will pop up when you search the term where is the best place to buy  the cheapest Ipad Air ,cheapest place to get ipad air and other terms  Personally Amazon is my preferred place to Buy the cheapest Ipad Air. The reasons are 3 fold-one you have variety  to choose from  as different sellers list their products. Secondly  you can choose to buy new or used ipad air. Thirdly , it is secured and  they have good return policy and prices are fair. You can also get a good deal from gumtree and other sites like ebay john lewis and  other reputable online shopping sites.In Gumtree you have to make sure you see the person face to face  and be satisfied with the product on offer before you pay.Ebay, you have to read the seller feedbacks  to  know if they have good records of customer satisfaction. Ebay now has good seller protection policies which means ebay takes full responsibility of your purchase. I like ebay, gumtree but I have always used Amazon and so I would recommend amazon  and Gumtree as where to Buy the cheapest Ipad Air  or best place if you like.

Apart from ebay and amazon,if you are student you can buy from discount stores in your university. You can also post a “wanted” advert in your student union spot, asking for those who may want to sell their ipad case. You can even get a cheap one from cash convertor in city centers of the location you are. In fact there are tons and tons of places to buy ipad air.  Apple stores are definitely not the cheapest place to buy ipad air or other apple products.However, you can get some cheap refurbished apple products there . Refurbished apple products are factory rebuilt and they have been checked over and over to make sure they pass apple quality assurance. They are infact as good as new , and can be repack as a brand new product. Refurbished products may just have very minor faults on time and in most cases it might just be a change of case or screen ,which means the hardware is as good as new. However, apple , by law has to inform their buyers that they are purely refurbished products. There is always a huge discount for refurbished ipad air or other apple products,normally in the range of say 10-20% discount price off the original. Well for a student or someone with a low wage, this might not be a huge difference .

Finally, whilst buying refurbish products from apple might be a very good choice for those who might want to spend a little more than the so-called “cheapest” price for ipad air. Amazon,Ebay and Gumtree are infact the best places to really get cheap apple products. Ebay is straightforward and you can even get extremely cheap deals there. Amazon the same, good deals with also better customer protection policies. Gumtree is infact the easier option although it has some financial security risk if you are not very careful but its risk is lesser than amazon and eBay.Gumtree is more user friendly because it is face to face transaction and only pay when you see the product and you are satisfied with it. Overall, we recommend gumtree


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